The Second Amendment: The Right To Gun Control

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U.S. Citizens should be allowed to own a firearm. Due to the fact of people having to protect their families. Therefore the people will feel more safe. Overruling the Gun Control law will not stop gun violence in the U.S., it will only make things worse. The Black Market and contraband will grow. The government does not believe that the people of the United States deserve to carry a firearm. Some people disagree with the government, it is just certain people crimes and tragedies. Thats why some people disagree with the second amendment. There is really not a right and wrong answer to gun control it comes down to people opinion. Some facts can prove that there should be a gun law and some facts that prove there…show more content…
The Amendment gives the U.S. Citizens the right to carry a concealed weapon (“Gun”). However, lately the supreme court has disagreed with this right (“Sager”). Gun control became an issue in the mid 1990s due to the gun crimes (“Gun control and”). People are abusing the 2nd Amendment by taking advantage of carrying a firearm (“Gun”). Which leads to Gun violence and more people dying (“Gun control and”). Media plays a big part when it come to guns and killing (“Sager”). Video gamers often try to turn what they do in video games and try to make it into reality (“Gun”). Going back to the Sandy Hook shooting, and school shootings (“Sager”). This causes the government to second guess if people should be able to carry firearms (“Gun”). Tv shows, and movies also give people ideas, but if the government stops all the advertise, movies, and video games that promotes guns it will not have an effect on gun violence…show more content…
Gun policies does not affect gun deaths (“Gun Control and”). Not all violence is caused by guns (“Sager”). Knifes are also dangerous in the right hands too (“Lampo”). Cars can be used as a weapon too (“Sager”). Stopping the right to bare arms it will make people find other ways to kill people, like bombs will be made and probably other things too (“Valentine”). By stopping gun laws people will get angry and start riots. Which this will not help the people of United States come together as one (“Sager”). Everybody thinks that guns are so dangerous which there are but there only dangerous when people use them to hurt others (“Sager”). The government never sees the good they only see the bad

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