The Search For Truth in Into the Wild by John Krakauer

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Who is Christopher McCandless? McCandless was born February 12, 1968 in El Segundi, California. Later on, due to Walt McCandless', Christopher's father, success as an aerospace engineer "[Christopher] was raised in the comfortable upper middle class environs of Annandale, Virginia"(Krakauer 14). Similarly to many people today, Walt McCandless made injurious decisions; during the birth of Christopher and his sister, Carine, Walt was still married. In turn, this leaves them to be bastard children. Christopher was an intellectual that took interest in challenging himself. He was a successful cross-country runner that would lead the team into paths where they often got lost (.info web). Not only was he driven, he had a profound respect for his favorite authors, Jack London, Leo Tolstoy and Henry Thoreau. In which they influenced him heavily throughout his life.

"Immediately after graduating, with honors, from Emory University in the summer of 1990, [Christopher] McCandless dropped out of sight"(Krakauer n.p.). McCandless longed for something similar to rebirth. Which led to him to "no longer answer to Chris McCandless," but now "Alexander Supertramp" (Krakauer 23). There were several turning points in Chris's life. For example when Chris dropped out of sight after college, changed his name, donated an entire balance of twenty four thousand dollars to charity, abandoned his car, bonded with strangers and lastly ventured into the wild.

Similarly to a religious extremist, Chris had a scrupulous moral code. "He tended to see things in black and white" (Krakauer 122). Through his spectacles, Chris had been failed, failed by anyone who did not live up to his expectations, his parents, and society. Moreover, the peopl...

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