The Scottsboro Trials of the 1930´s

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On March 25, 1931, nine men hopped on to a freight train. Little did they know the events that would ensue. Unjust and racist, the Scottsboro Trials were not just ordinary cases. The Scottsboro Trials changed how America viewed segregation. The nine young men, who hopped onto that train that day, were innocent and harmless. The Scottsboro Trials revealed the unjust treatment that African Americans faced and changed views on segregation. In the 1930’s segregation was strongly enforced and whites were superior to blacks. So when white girls accuse blacks of raping them, the white girls are usually believed. The Scottsboro trials were meant to only take a few days, and it turned into months, and soon it became years. The Scottsboro Trials were conducted in a way that gave us long-lasting effects. Hoboes hitched rides on freight trains and did as they pleased during the 1930’s (Carter 3). When the train pulled away from the station at Stevenson, the station master was approached by a group of pale hoboes. The only white guy in the group was grasping the back of his head which appeare...
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