The Scottsboro Trial Essay: The Stone That Started It All

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The Stone That Started It All There are so many things that started the change that eventually led to equality. The racism in the south during the 1930’s was so awful and most blacks that were accused of anything were lynched without even hearing their side of the story. The thought back then was basically blacks were always the oppressors and whites were the oppressed. The Scottsboro trials are one huge stone that started the ripple effect towards America stopping racism. The things that those nine boys endured are unimaginable because the trails and things that they had to go through lasted through a huge part of their life and most likely affected them even after they were let go. The Scottsboro trials began to change this for the better …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the scottsboro trials started the ripple effect towards america stopping racism. the nine boys endured trails and things that affected them even after they were let go.
  • Explains that the scottsboro trials were the beginning of an extreme change in the way america treats colored people.
  • Explains how the scottsboro trials exposed the preconceived notion of black men being anxious to rape white women.
  • Explains that the scottsboro trial was the turning point where white people recognized their flaws in the treatment of black people.
  • Analyzes how the scottsboro trials changed the course of history in a dramatic way. they led to the awareness of how racist the south was, and black and whites uniting for the first time.

The Scottsboro trials were the beginning of an extreme change in the way America treats colored people. There were so many firsts that happened during the Scottsboro trials and one of them was when the sheriff stopped the boys from being lynched because he thought they deserved a real and honest trial. The fact that these boys got a trial must have surprised everyone that was nearby Scottsboro because they say that court was the fullest it had ever been. After that, another first happens when the black and whites march side by side and white people were showing their support for those nine boys accused of rape. The way these trials affected America in later date is phenomenal because this was the first time that whites had a parade in favour of the black kids on trial who were being unfairly judged. The documentary stated “Scottsboro is the rekindling of an equality fight,” This meant that Scottsboro reminded Americans why they should unite together instead of segregating colored people simply because we still thought they were less than whites. This trial led to the chant “Blacks and whites unite and fight” which people would say during the first black and white parade, rioting about the mistreatment those boys were

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