The Scotch Terrier-Personal Narrative

analytical Essay
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142 words

The common emotion these two dogs caused the narrator is embarrassment. Both the Scotch terrier popping out puppies and the poodle riding in the rumble seat under a umbrella in the rain happened in public with people working and watching. The Scotch terrier, “....had six puppies in the clothes closet of a fourth floor apartment in New York had the unexpected seventh and last at the corner of Eleventh Street and Fifth Avenue during a walk she had insisted on taking.” Then the poodle who was on her way to the Greenwich Dog Show, “....,since a rain storm came up when we were halfway through the Bronx. I had to hold over her a small green umbrella, really more of a parasol. The rain beat down fearfully and suddenly the driver of the car drove into

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the scotch terrier and poodle caused the narrator embarrassment by popping out puppies and riding under an umbrella in the rain.
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