The Scorpion Plot

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Entry 1 The story starts out during the early morning of a village near La Paz, California. A man named Kino, and his wife, Juana, are sleeping peacefully to the sound of nearby ocean waves crashing on the shore. Kino awakes to the sound of crowing roosters, and to the open eyes of his wife, which he is so used to seeing the the morning. He stands up and approaches his son, Coyotito, who is sleeping in his cradle. His wife, Juana, rises and begins to make a fire. Kino goes outside to enjoy the wonderful weather while Juana is preparing breakfast. After a couple minutes, Kino reenters his home to see that breakfast is ready, so him and his wife begin to eat, but soon they see a dangerous creature creeping up on Coyotito. Entry 2 As Kino and Juana are eating, a scorpion descends on the little Coyotito threatening to sting him. Coyotito sees the scorpion on his cradle, and reaches out to grab it. Coyotito shakes the cradle, which makes the scorpion fall and land on his shoulder and sting him. Kino sees what the scorpion has done and grabs it and crushes it in his hand. Juana grabs Coyotito and begins sucking the venom out of the wound. The child continues to moan and their neighbors begin to gather outside of their hut. Juana tells Kino to summon the doctor, but Kino does not have much hope that he will come. Juana grabs Coyotito and runs out of their hut towards the doctor’s house. Kino and the rest of the neighbors follow. Once they have reached the doctor, a servant is waiting outside his house. They tell him that their baby child needs to see the doctor immediately. The servant tells them to wait, while he calls the doctor. The servant comes back and tells Kino that he doctor is very busy today and won’t be able to help them... ... middle of paper ... ...hes her in the face and kicks her. He is disgusted with her. He then turns and leaves. Kino makes his way up the beach as a group of men assault him. Kino struggles to get away and while doing so he stabs one of the men and kills him. Juana finally gets on her feet and begins to make her way home. She sees Kino lying on the group hurt with another man dead next to him. She hauls the dead man into the brush and tends to Kino. She says they must run away immediately because of what a terrible crime Kino committed. Kino refuses at first, but then agrees. Juana runs back to the house grabs Coyotito, while Kino goes to the beach once again to prepare his boat, but realizes that the group of men made a hole in it. He becomes full of rage and kicks at the water. He then tells Juana what happened and they decide to hide at Juan Tomas’s house for a while. Entry 9

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