The Scopes Trial Of 1925

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The roles that are seen by non-Christian religions and new immigrant faith communities playing in American politics and public life are the scopes trial of 1925; Americans evangelicals have really retreated from the larger society. They constructed this vast labret network of institutions to protect them from larger society. They are operating their own churches mostly whites many of them in the south. Their operating their own bible colleges. They are not seeking public power they are seeking to be left alone and to do their own thing. Many evangelicals were not even registered to vote because politics is dirty. Evangelicals did not worry because they knew Jesus was coming back at any time to get them out of this mess. Evangelicals saw the United States as a Christian country established by Christians as a project of God. Then all the sudden the 60’s happened. Evangelicals are saying we do not want you opposing your badges on us we do not want you taking our children away from us and opposing on them that are contrary of what we believe as Christians. The treat of America would eventually drive conservative evangelicals out of their isolation and back into politics. The intellectual catalyst for that change was Francis Schaeffer. The mission opened the door to young people would come through and ask Schaeffer questions about meaning and faith and the bible. It grew from there until Schaeffer was evangelical’s leader. Schaeffer discovers that he gathered an audience among American evangelicals. The event that would propel Schaeffer and evangelical into political action was the 1973 Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion. At first it was the Catholic Church that led the opposition. It was Catholic leaders more that evangelical... ... middle of paper ... ...e changers, and as the power brokers politically in America. In 2004, Bush campaign targeted Hispanic voters offering support for Hispanic churches. One reaction against the entanglement of religion and politics is to disengage from both political and religious institutions. National polls showed that 1 and 6 Americans were not affiliated with any religious institutions. There was also a Spiritual but not religious. It sees the drama of religion going on inside is the individual transformation. American religion operates in this great spear of freedom. In this great free market place of religion. Ninety percent of Americans say they believe in God, but they also tell how they believe in God. Americans also tell what they mean in God. With religious liberty there is no official church, or official religion there are hundreds and thousands religious groups in America.

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