The Science of Criminology: Understanding the Mind of a Killer

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Theoretically criminology is the attempt to understand crime and previous patterns. Criminology is also describe as an interdisciplinary profession built around the scientific study of crime and criminal behavior that includes its forms, causes, legal aspects and control. The Criminology is regarded more as a behavioral or social science that studies the causes of criminal behavior and the social response to crime. Criminology has many areas of research that includes for example the incidence, forms, causes and consequences of crime, as well as social and governmental regulations and reaction to crime. Classical Criminology was implemented in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s. “The most prominent members of this theory were Cesare Beccaria and Jeremy Bentham” ( Beccaria was known as law reformer; transforming the criminal justice system in Euro and indirectly brought it into the United States and rest of the world. On the other end Jeremy Bentham supported Beccaria and shared ideas and common theories about criminology and criminal behaviors, where both agreed that criminal conducts could be understood and well controlled. The classical school theory of criminology basically considers human nature rational and hedonistic where human beings acts caused self interest but at the same time rational and capable of creating new laws and punishments in a way where people would understand peaceful and non criminal conducts. Biological criminology theory maintains that the basic determinants of human behavior, including criminality are constitutionally or physiologically based and often inherited. Multiple studies of genetic behaviors have proved that genetic and environmental contributions are a big caused for individ... ... middle of paper ... ...tims were from young girls to mature elder men and women, therefore his kind of behavior could determine the modus operandi, mental weakness, along with other needs of the killer. Ramirez suffered a personality disorder characterized by antisocial behavior and lack of affection due to his drug addiction and behavior. My reflection while doing research and leaning about Ramirez behavior and conduct are that if Ramirez during his early 20’s was incarcerated for drug issues, he should be treated in jail before being release back to society. Once the treatment had been completed successfully then have the prisoner put back to society with the main purpose to have rehabilitated inmates that will never commit crimes again. Make sure to help then incorporate to society with the support of a job in any trade and provide housing until completely independents.

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