The Science Of Shopping By Malcolm Gladwell

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It is a unique technique As technology get more advance, people use cameras, tracking devices in the stores to track customers shopping behavior. The retailers apply every detail that they get from anthropologists to get people buy their products. Some people claim that the surveillance of consumers by retail anthropologists is manipulative and unethical. However, the claim is not entirely true. Many retail use the data they get from anthropologists and apply it to their store to create great experiences for their customers, encourage customers to revisited, and ultimately improve business performances. Anthropologists study customers’ shopping behavior to put together a pattern of how people shop, and from that, they arrange the items to fit the customer’s interest. The surveillance cameras, tracking devices show every move the customers make and show the retailers where, how they should put their product. For example, in “The Science of Shopping”, written by Malcolm Gladwell, the author explains why in the Gap and Banana Republic the retailers put shirts and sweater on a big wooden table. It is because “that table invite-indeed, symbolize-touching”, just like when they eat; they grab food from the table (Maasik, p.97). From anthropologists’ study, the retailer then can infer what customer’s need and desire are and even anticipate what those need will be in the future, so they can perform a better job serving the customers next time. Also, they know what the customer are looking for so they can arrange, pair up a certain product to make it easier for customers to find. Some people might think it is creepy when they are being watched, but in every shop, there are cameras to prevent shoplifter anyway. It shouldn’t surprise them... ... middle of paper ... ...ances. It is the result of understanding their customers’ need and desire. The ultimate goal is to increase product sales. They have to depend on the customer to reach that goal. Making the customer feel comfortable and encourage them to buy more goods is a process toward that goal. As a result of people buying more products, the economy is boosting. The producers have more jobs; the retailers have more jobs and everyone is happy. The anthropologist only studies the behavior of customer to bring the best serve to the customers and to improve business performance. The surveillance of customers by retail anthropologist is a business itself, and it wouldn’t take up on anyone personal information nor violate their privacy or else it would be illegal. The ultimate goal of the surveillance is to make it convenience for the customer and to improve the business overall.
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