The Science Of Chemistry

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The Science Of Chemistry

There are many different types of sciences. Every type is important. Some sciences were actually created by other sciences. Chemistry is one of the main sciences that actually was the building block for other sciences like Biology. Chemistry does not only happen at school. Chemistry is all around us it's in our everyday life. Chemists are life savers;they create vaccines and medicines for people who need them. Chemists also work with different type of scientists to create different technology that could change the world forever. Chemistry is my favorite science because it helps people and also it is what created our world.

Chemistry is one of the most important sciences known to man. Chemistry is the science of matter near or at the atomic scale. The first scientist to discover the science of chemistry was Democritus. He also created the term atom. It took many centuries to figure out the many details that go with chemistry. Without chemistry we would have no periodic table. Without the periodic table we wouldn't know what the world was made of.

To begin,Chemistry is what created other sciences like biology and geology. You can find chemistry in everyday life. For example at school when you're doing an experiment and a chemical reaction occurs that's chemistry. Right now in the present China is exploring and discovering new things in the art of chemistry. Each day they are working on many projects that will both improve the Earth and will keep it spinning. For example Chinas own chemists are working on a medicine that can make a wound heal within no time. They believe that heat is the key when working with wounds. Chemists and doctors are constantly working all over the world to improve and cr...

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... because the chemists have a lot of training and they will make sure nothing bad would happen. Chemistry will

change the world one day.


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