The School Of Middle School

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You’re heart is beating ninety miles per hour, hands are shaking, palms are sweating, and you couldn’t sleep at all last night. This is it… The moment you’ve thought about the entire summer, it’s the start of MIDDLE SCHOOL. AHH!
You are about to walk into a new chapter in your life and boy is this scary. You have to figure out how to change classes, remember all your new teachers names, make new friends, figure out where you were going to sit in the cafeteria, and the list could go on and on. You were just in elementary school… were you had the same teacher for an entire year, and could play with your friends on the play ground every day and your only worry was who had the better snack. Wheww… wasn’t that the life.
Now you’re in middle school, and wow things are so different. You have to worry about whose friends with who, and who you should be friends with, and what thinks of you.
This past semester, I was in a course that allowed me to explore what being a middle school teacher was all about. One reason, I picked middle school was because I thought it would be easier than teac...