The School Lunch Problem

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School Lunch Problems
Childhood obesity is a big problem and is highly talked about in today 's society. Some researchers connect childhood obesity to what the children in our schools eat at lunch. According to “Children and Fast Food”, more than one-third of American children and adolescents ate some form of fast food every day in the mid-2010s (n.pag). Childhood obesity has doubled from what it use to be three decades ago and has been getting worse every year. Every generation of kids has liked junk food, however, the kids in the current generation are eating it more often at school and at home. They rarely eat anything else in the course of a day (Shapiro) because they are exposed to junk food everywhere they go. Pizza Hut, McDonald 's,
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Kids are not getting enough nutrition during their lunch because of the poor food choices served in schools. Perhaps, kids choose poor foods because over $4.6 billion dollars is spent marketing those foods to them (Children and Fast Food). The school lunch foods contain high amounts of saturated fat, salt, and sugar. When kids eat the school lunch items in excess amounts, it can cause weight gain, memory loss, and slow brain development (Children and Fast Food). The poor choices made during the day may be contributing to an increase in childhood obesity. The National Institute of Health stated that 25 percent of children are overweight; the figure has nearly doubled since the 1960’s (Beaver). Schools are trying to address the issue by enforcing strict new food policies. For example, a school in Ontario will forbid all fast-food and will required eighty percent of all meals to consists of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and other healthy options (The State Has No Place in the Lunch Bags of a Nation). Although some schools have organic choices and have made changes to their menus, kids prefer to eat burgers, pizza, and other fat-filled foods. If the nation is going to shift this negative momentum, school administrators need to take a serious look at the issue, which may be more complex than it seems on the
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