The Satirical Analysis Of 'The Lion King'

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The satirical sketch I chose is about The Lion King live auditions done by the Saturday Night Live crew. It was published on November 11th 2017. The sketch first opens up by saying that the clip will become a live action movie and will be starring Beyoncé and Donald Glover. However, there are others who auditioned for the remaining roles that are played in the movie. Mostly the actors are comedians, rappers, a spokesperson some just do a horrible audition, yet some of the impersonations are phenomenal. The first audition is with Cecily Strong who is impersonating Lin-Manuel Miranda while also auditioning for Simba. The first thing that comes out of the fake Lin’s mouth is “Hakuna matata a madula um ma gota. I only got one shoota and they killed…show more content…
Robert stats that, “James Corden might have been one of the more spot on aspects of the sketch, especially if you have to watch him nightly and could easily see the real version doing this exact thing to Simba”. This was very funny to see someone else mock him while also having a higher pitched voice. The John Oliver impression was excellent including Cardi B and Offsets clip. “Not only do we get to see a prime John Oliver impression—which is odd considering he is actually in the movie—but Cardi B and Offset possibly steal the show this time around” (Roberts Par.3). Cardi B and Offset was funny because you wouldn’t really picture them doing voice overs or even just acting for movies. They are known for being rappers and just to kind of have an idea of how they would talk in a movie was great. The two best hands down were the John Oliver and even though Mary J Blige clip was short it was just as good. Seeing Mikey Day really bring Zazu to life was amazing and just looking at his facial expressions while also doing hand gestures made it even better to watch. Overall, “Everyone from Lin-Manuel Miranda to Kit Harrington to LL Cool J is put on blast trying to sort out their desired part for The Lion King” (‘SNL’). Which the sketch is very successful in giving a very diverse mix of people that are rappers, comedians, and singers. Giving us a glimpse of what it may have looked like if some of these celebrities were to actually be a part of The Lion King which is a classic. It would’ve been a hit or miss on certain ones such as LL Cool J and
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