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Bathroom Remodeling on a Budget

Tired of looking at the same old bathroom every day of your life? It may seem like there’s not much you can do to change the appearance, other than hanging new curtains or adding a decoration or two. You can’t, after all, change out a bathtub without a lot of hassle and expense, and toilets all look much the same. You’re not as limited as you think. Try a few simple changes that will make a world of difference – even in the bathroom.

Affordable Bathroom Remodel Ideas

If you’re searching for remodeling ideas, start by clearing your bathroom of anything you can remove – linen, curtains, knick knacks and rugs, for instance. A bare room allows your eye and imagination more room to visualize changes. Look at local home improvement stores and browse online for imaginative ideas that you may wish to incorporate. Finally, draw up a budget and comparison shop items to ensure you keep your remodeling affordable.

After deciding what you can afford to spend and getting an idea of different bathroom designs, take a closer look at your room. Examine the flaws and outdated items. What things make you wince? Which features bring you pleasure? As with all things, play up the positive and change the negative. Some basic bathroom remodeling ideas include:

• Change Out Old Fixtures and Hardware: Home builders generally install furnishings that are inexpensive and likely to suit most tastes. You, on the other hand, don’t have to play it safe – you know exactly what you like. Simply getting rid of old faucets, knobs, showerheads, towel racks, grab bars and such can have a dramatic impact on your bathroom. Try a different material, such as brushed nickel or brass, and change up the style. When selecting your new f...

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...nation. Add a full-size mirror (especially on the back of the bathroom door, which will give you a handy place to give yourself a once-over while making the room look just a little bigger). Finish an old stepladder and mount it for towels. Create a floral accent for the counter or even to hang on the wall. Install a medicine cabinet, or hang a wicker box for a shelf.

While some items cost more than others, none are truly expensive. Plus, you don’t have a time limit – these projects can be undertaken one at a time, as you have the money. There’s no mess and hassle you have to live with during the renovation, like so many remodeling jobs. Staying within your budget will keep the experience stress free. Try making a priority list and tackle the things that mean the most to you first. Soon your bathroom will look wonderful, and it didn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

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