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Refacing Kitchen or Bathroom Cabinetry
Grandma’s kitchen may bring back good memories, but you likely don’t want your kitchen to look like hers. Update tired, worn kitchens and bathrooms too by refacing the cabinets. Refacing – sometimes referred to as resurfacing – creates new-looking cabinets without spending thousands of dollars and undergoing a complete remodel. To make the job even easier, purchase a veneer kit featuring the wood grain you prefer. Everything you need to install the veneer is included.
Consider Your Cabinet Style
Your cabinet style determines what areas of the cabinet needs refacing. Each style or type exposes different areas of the cabinet frame, which is the box portion of the cabinet (everything but the doors and countertop, in other words).
Partial Overlay Cabinets: Most everyone’s familiar with partial overlay cabinetry, and simply didn’t realize its name. When you look at a partial overlay cabinet you see part of the frame between doors and surrounding drawers. The doors partly overlay the frame, in other words, lending them their name. With partial overlays you must veneer the entire cabinet face.
Full Overlay Cabinets: When there’s less than about 1/8 inch between the cabinet doors, and the drawer fronts and doors almost completely cover the cabinet frame face, you know it’s a full overlay instead. Doors and drawers literally lay over the cabinet front, hence the name. Veneer is largely useless – simply changing the hardware, doors and drawers will change the appearance significantly.
Flush Inset Cabinetry: If the cabinet doors actually set into the cabinet, flush with the face frame when closed, you have a flush inset cabinet. Since the cabinet itself is completely exposed, you’ll need to reface th...

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...el back the backing, exposing the sticky side. Press the veneer into place, smoothing it and reinforcing the adhesive by rubbing a block of wood or rolling pin over the surface. Trim the edges as directed.
• Attach hinges, replace drawer gliders, screw on knobs and handles as necessary to mount the new cabinet doors and drawers. Use new or used items as desired.
Completing Your Mini-remodeling Project: Bonus Ideas
If your “new” cabinets have you itching to make greater changes, take the refacing a little farther and turn it into a miniature remodeling job. You’ll have much of the fun but less of the hassle and expense of a typical remodeling project. Consider installing a new countertop surface or sink and faucet. Make extra space with tilt trays, roll out shelves and other organizers. Not only will your kitchen or bathroom look brand new, it will feel that way too.

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