The Sailor Moon: The Journey Of The Sailor Moon

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“Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight, never running from a real fight, she is the one named Sailor Moon.” (Price) This is the theme song for the series, Sailor Moon, which follows the journey of a middle school girl, who gets magical powers one day from a cat who tells her she must fight evil forces that are trying to destroy the world. Along the way she meets new friends and discovers who she really is. The series has made a huge impact on many people around the world but for a great reason, which is why the sailor scouts are considered heroes but more than typical ones that you would see. The sailor scouts are all heroes on both a typical level and on a deeper level, that still make an impact on people. The series started to show up in 1992 in Japan, in the magazine, Nakayoshi, which was written by Naoko Takeuchi. According to research starter “Sailor Moon” by Verena Maser, Sailor Moon it was…show more content…
This trope was discovered by Joseph Campbell, who studied a lot of the stories that have been passed through the ages with telling of a hero fighting a villain and beating them with going through rough patches to eventually defeat the villain and go back to a normal life but becoming a stronger person at the end of the journey. In the series the person who is guiding Sailor Moon and the sailor scouts to become stronger and encouraging them is Luna and Artimes. The magical item that are popular in hero’s journey for the series is the brooches that each of the sailor scouts get that gives them their power. Some of the rough patches that the sailor scouts tend to be being knocked down in the fight or fighting their own personal issues that they face, but they conquer those problems and grow

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