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A- Plan of the investigation
What influence did the SAVAK have on citizens in Iran during the reign of Mohammad Reza Shah? How were controversial authors, poets, and other political revolutionaries who were critical of the SAVAK treated, and what consequences did these enlightened revolutionaries have to suffer with the SAVAK? This investigation seeks to discuss the influence of the SAVAK in Iran, and the circumstances under which revolutionaries were oppressed by the SAVAK.
The main body of the investigation will outline how certain people chose to spread awareness and express opposition through literature and other methods, and what political consequences they had to face. The effects of the oppression are then analyzed, specifically drawing attention to how the ways of the SAVAK triggered the Iranian revolution and the collapse of Mohammad Reza Shah. Two of the sources used in this essay, Sky of Red Poppies and Persepolis, are then evaluated in detail based on bias, context, credibility, purpose, and historical accuracy. The conclusion will summarize the causes and effects of SAVAK oppression.

B- Summary of evidence
The SAVAK was a secret police intelligence agency which was established in 1957, under the reign of Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlavi, and it operated up until 1979, when it was dismantled by revolutionaries of the Iranian revolution. The United States had a primary role in supporting the creation of the SAVAK, making it an extremist version of the CIA, with the purpose of instilling terror and enforcing the supremacy of the Shah as an absolute monarch. The reason for the U.S’s massive support in creating the SAVAK was due to the fact that the CIA had originally installed the Shah in power as part of a coup d'état. The...

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