The Rwanda Genocide

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604 words

In the Southeastern areas of Africa, there were two groups of people: one was the Hutus and the other was the Tutsis. Both the Tutsis and the Hutus lived in harmony with one another by sharing knowledge and trading amongst themselves but this was all interrupted when the Europeans started to colonize Rwanda and other surrounding areas. With European involvement in these people’s daily lives, there was an increasingly large division that was growing between these two groups. With political and economic tensions continuing, the two groups’ hatred grew, and finally led to complete slaughter between the Hutu and the Tutsi, known as the Rwanda Genocide.
The Rwanda Genocide began to develop when European countries colonized Rwanda bringing “a new political twist” (PPU). The European interference in Africa led to a political division between the two groups as the “governor and the governed” The Tutsi were given the responsibility of watching over the Hutu because to the Europeans they had more aristocratic qualities (PPU). Since the Tutsis were given the aristocratic powers over the Hutu,...

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that in the southeastern areas of africa, there were two groups of people: the hutus and the tutsis.
  • Explains that the rwanda genocide began to develop when european countries colonized rwanda bringing a new political twist.
  • Explains that the media was controlled by hutu extremists who spouting hate toward the tutsi and persuaded them to kill them.
  • Explains that the rwanda genocide resulted from the death of habyarimana, a hutu president, who was shot down by the tutsi.
  • Explains that the rwanda genocide was a result of european intervention and influence that divided the hutu and the tutsi, causing them to fight amongst themselves.
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