The Ruthless Exploitation of Customers' Desires in The New Media Technologies Advertisement

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Current state-of-the-art in the advertising of new media technologies like smart phones, tablets and game consoles, is to use the marketing technique called exaggeration (Kotler 168) to overstate the power of the new technology in order to stimulate not accomplishable expectations and create wrong longings in the target group. These promises go beyond the simple and reappearing claim about a new revolution (“Goodbye 1984”) and a change of the world (“Samsung Galaxy Tab”), they focus on user attitudes by trying to conciliate great benefits and unlimited opportunities for the user's life. Precisely there are three main usage scenarios of this kind, which are addressed in arbitrary combinations in diverse adverts: First the description of the technology as a manifold tool, which solves everyday problems for example through providing access to the internet anywhere. Second the promise that information sharing and access to social networking sites is not only immediate possible but also offers opportunities like to fulfil the dream of becoming famous. Finally the claim that all the advertised features can be achieved in a way, where the technology now longer is visible as a technical device and barrier to the virtual world. Remark that all of these aspects do not aim to glorify the pure material realization, namely the used hardware components, of the technology. Despite the new media technologies can not hold the advertised promises since they underlie strict limitations in hardware, shown social success depends more on the users outstanding skills and the restriction in technological feasibility in making the technology perfect and thus invisible, marketing strategies are ruthlessly, but anyhow successfully, exploiting the well thou...

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