The Russian Revolution: The Most Important Revolution In The 20th Century

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The Russian Revolution was the most important revolution in the 20th century. This revolution is one of the most important in history. This revolution was against economic oppression meaning the class higher lower and middle were being affected. The main causes of the Russian revolution were the wars that Russia was in which affected the economy. Russia lost most of the wars except for one. These wars caused workers to riot because there pay was low due to the fact most of the money was used for the war. Tsar Nicholas was the leader of Russia during that time was thinking more about his family then about leading his country to success. Which caused citizens to riot then Russia was in anarchy everyone fighting each other. Then, was rise of Lenin who took over Russia and created the Bolshevik party. The Russian revolution is the most important event in history due to the wars, the crash of…show more content…
Russia lost many men in the battle which made them lose the war and they had to pay back. When they lost this caused the Russian economy to crash and by that caused the Russian revolution. The Russian Revolution began in 1917 after Russia lost many wars which made the economy weak. During the 1914 in World war 1 Russia had lost many supplies and military men and Russia lacked good leadership. Tsar Nicholas was in control of Russian government and the army and he refused to share his power with the masses. Then the Duma Parliament in the summer of 1915 demanded the government with democratic values and to show responsibility to the citizens in the country that needed help. However, later that year Nicholas eliminated the Duma and went to war. Tsar Nicholas left the country to be destroyed. Then the government was taken over by Tsarina Alexandra Nicholas wife. She attempted to rule absolutely in her husband’s absence by firing and electing officials of her
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