The Russian Revolution: The History Of The Revolution Of Russia

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Russia was ruled by the Tsars and followed a monarchy until 1917. The last Tsar of Russia was Nicholas II who had a turning point in the relationship with his people after the 1905 Russian Revolution. This revolution was “sparked off by a peaceful protest held on January 22nd” (Trueman, 2016). Russian people, after being humiliated by the defeat of Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905), wanted the transformation of their government from an autocracy into a constitutional monarchy (Britannica, n.d.). Followed by the industrial revolution that Nicholas II had brought, few other unwanted events occurred in Russia before the Revolution of 1905. The trend of having big end-of-the-year party before the summer break at the public universities resulted in…show more content…
Russians were devastated and horrified with the situation; they started losing faith off Nicholas II. They decided to protest. An unarmed protest group led by the radical priest Father George Gapon marched on January 22nd, 1905 on Sunday towards the Tsar’s Winter Palace at St. Petersburg. They headed with a petition signed by almost 150,000 people urging to end the war. They were not intent of having any war against the Tsar or wanted any form of “political protest”. Their petition clearly stated that they plead to their Tsar to help them. The demonstrators were unware of the Tsar being absent in the Palace. Father Gapon explaining the situation to the imperials, handed over the petition to one of them at the Palace’s gate, in return the nervous imperials sighting the huge crowd marched towards them open fired at the crowd. The crowd urged that they were here not for any revolutions, rather wanted to offer the petition to their Tsar. The number of deaths inflated from a few to thousands. The death numbers were so high that the soldiers “disposed the bodies in the night to disguise the real numbers killed” (Trueman, 2016). The Tsar was informed about this Bloody Sunday