The Russian Revolution

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The Russian Revolution

Czarist Russia was a terrible place to live in, controlled by a power hungry csar named Nicholas II. Nicholas II was a power hungry ruler that didn’t care about his people in his country. He became ruler in 1917, before him the Russian royal family had controlled the throne for over 300 years. He would let emotion come in the way of ruling.

On May 18, 1868, in Pushkin, Russia Nicholas II was born. He was originally named Nikolai Aleksandrovich Romanov. He was educated by a string of tutors, which included Konstantin Pobedonostsev who was a high-ranking government official. He excelled in history and foreign languages. When he was thirteen a revolutionary bomber assassinated his grandfather, Alexander II. When he was nineteen, Nicholas joined the Russian army. For ten months he toured in Europe and Asia after spending three years in the service. Nicholas was very dedicated to the military that he rose to the rank of colonel. In 1894 Alexander III, Nicholas’s father, died leaving the throne to

Nicholas. He ruled Russia for about twenty-sev...
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