The Russ Celebration

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We live in a globalized yet diverse world where people want to hold on to their unique culture and traditions. Christians celebrate Christmas; Muslims celebrate Eid. One of the most important events in the Spanish society is the grand Tomatina Festival, where participants throw tomatoes at each other. In India, people celebrate the spring festival, Holi, by coloring each other’s faces and clothes with dry powder and colored water. While graduation is a huge event in the US, whether it is from kindergarten, high school or college, it isn’t significant at all in Afghanistan; people celebrate entrance not graduation. Though a small Scandinavian country, Norway, has unique traditions that most people aren’t familiar with. Every Norwegian kid looks forward to graduating from high school because of the legendary russefering, russ celebration, which is essentially a month of sensation and adventure. The russefeiring essentially began in 1905 as high school graduates who had received admission into an institute of higher education were identified by their red caps; red is the main color of the flag of Norway. Over the next decades, other colors of the caps were added to distinguish to distinguish between students with different majors in high-school. A hundred and nine years later, the russ costume has developed in red overalls and caps, and shoes with imprints of the Norwegian flag. Moreover, it has now become a general celebration for students who are about to finish their upper secondary school years. Aside from the russ costume, there are many other aspects to the russefeiring which were added over the years. One of such is making a russekort, russ card, where students essentially design a so-called business card. This card includes ... ... middle of paper ... ...hough the russefering is about a month, most of the russ don’t go crazy until the last few days. The non-russ don’t experience the craziness until May 17th unless they are high school students who have to deal with their seniors daily. The Norwegian government faces the challenge of whether this tradition should keep going or not annually as the russ get crazier and more out of hand. However, the majority of Norwegian citizens view the russ- experience as a sacred tradition. Even though they agree that many have gotten out of hand, they do not want the tradition to stop. The russefeiring brings together all about to be-graduates of Norway to have a chance to be stupid and make mistakes before heading off to the real world. Although the government should keep checking up on the russ, in order to protect them and other citizens, it is a tradition that must be kept.
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