The Rush Of Excitement As My Mother

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I remember it like it were yesterday, the rush of excitement as my mother told me that I should be expecting a new sibling. At 10 years old, in the fifth grade, that statement was the last thing I thought I would hear from my mother. Little did I know, at the time, the huge impact this surprise would have on my life, over the months and years to come. My mom found out about her pregnancy exactly one day before she told me, the plan was to tell my sister and I together the next morning, before school. However, I managed to ruin that plan with my pre pubescent drama. As usual, my sister, Eva, and I came home from school that day, ate a snack, did any homework, and played outside till dinner time. On that particular day, after running to my friend’s house and obnoxiously ringing the door till she answered, she greeted me with what, at the time, was considered ‘big’ news; her mom bought her a new puppy. Considering this kid already had two other puppies and I had none, I took this dramatically hard. Later that night as my mom put me to bed she noticed something was wrong, after asking...

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