The Rules Of The Game

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This morning I was so happy, my mom told me that we were going to have lunch in a restaurant with my little cousin, our plan was always the same; have lunch in three minutes and let our moms talking while we play all kind of running games. we were about to leave my mom and my aunt asked for a last coffee and we decided to play a last game, we played stone,paper or scissors to know who was the first “infected”and it was…. me. the rules of the game were easy, don 't let the infected catch you, and if they do it, you both are infected and at the end only one person will rest. I started running back my brother, he was fast and small, and it was difficult for me to run in between the chairs and tables as fast as he did, but I made him run into a trap and finally, after at least 5 minutes running without stop, I catched him. we started running both following my other brother and we realised that we couldn’t catch him that way. We decided to separate in two groups, I was going to catch my other brother and he was going to catch my cousin. we shake hands and start running in opposites directions, without knowledge of the tragedy that was coming... I was running following my little brother, I was so close, my straight arm an inch away from his shirt when….. everything became a confusion of screams, arms legs and blood, my little cousin was two meters downstairs with the face hands and knees bleeding, instants later the cryings start, my ears did hurt with the high volume of the scream, instant later my mom and my aunt appeared and rapidly started moving, I’m still surprised about how fast did they both react. a few minutes later we arrive home and my mom, who is surgeon, after cleaning my cousin’s blessures determined that they were not... ... middle of paper ... ...9 years old and two of 10, were in the finals competing with boys that were 11 and 12 years old. we were exultant and after letting our boat in the shell house, we went to have our deserved lunch and our still more deserved rest. the final race don’t deserve any important comment, we started in 4th position, and at half mark the bigger kids used their much bigger strength to pass us, we finished half length back in 6th position. after that, I decided that I will never, does not matter the conditions, stop doing my best, and that I will never give up, because that is what really makes a looser, not the position. Is the 3rd time I turn in this assignment i hope you receive it this time (my chromebook did not send it and i had to retype it again) . I did my best in both stories and i put a little piece of my heart and story in each one, I hope you enjoy reading them.

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