The Rule of Law in America

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Many people ask, why did our Founding Fathers want the United States to be governed by the rule of law, instead of men? And, how does that make us different from other countries? Many people don’t know what a rule of law is, a rule of law is a First Principle that mandates that the law governs everyone. The rule of law also requires that the same law govern all citizens. Founding Father Samuel Adams observed that the rule of law means that “There shall be one rule of Justice for the rich and the poor; for the favorite in Court, and the Countryman at the Plough.” Many people believe that our founders wanted to be governed instead of men, because they could make the government weak enough so they could rely on the constitution. Another question many people ask is who were our founders, what did they do for us, and why did they not want men to govern us, and what makes the way we were governed different from the other countries? The question is about to be answered about who were our founding fathers and what they did for us, why we were not governed by men, and what makes us different ...

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