The Root of Media Bias

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George Orwell, an English novelist, who once believed that Media Bias would gain too much influence over the people (Crick). So, should we be wary of what the media tells us the public, or should we put our faith into the media? Well to figure all this out, we’ll have to learn about the media, its bias, everything that goes on with it and how it has affected us so far. The root of media bias goes back to the nineteenth century and still has an influence on the public today (Discoverthenetworks). Media Bias has an impact on what is being shown to us today. There are four types of media bias, which consist of advertising bias, corporate bias, mainstream bias, and sensationalism. Advertising Bias is media bias where stories are chosen to please advertisers. This type of media bias can be shown through advertisements such as in television shows with stereotypical characters or similar to the propaganda that occurred in World War II. Corporate bias is another version of media bias which deals with corporations choosing whatever story they give to the media in order to please the public and themselves (Lendman). An example of corporate media bias is what CVS Caremark has stated about their stance towards the welfare of peoples health and their decision to stop selling cigarettes. Mainstream Bias is the type of bias that goes along with what the majority of the public believes or stands for, such as political opinions, statistics, and pop culture itself (Fact and Myth). The final and last form of media bias is sensationalism which essentially means that the media itself over exaggerates things such as plane crashes, therefore leading the public to believe that plane crashes happen much more often than let’s say, car crashes (Surg... ... middle of paper ... ... with enterprising pieces exploring the broader issues of this shooting and its aftermath (Sulliven). Sensationalism bias exaggerates topics so it can snatch viewership and also create panic for the mind of the public. Media Bias has an impact on how society views news. Advertising bias can be shown in pictures or advertisements and its purpose is to please advertisers. Corporations have a choice of what they send to the media so they can make themselves look good. Mainstream Bias is bias that is being reported by everyone else. Sensationalism is the exaggeration of a story so it can gain attention from viewers. These types of media bias have an effect on society whether society gives in or doesn’t give in their thoughts. It’s only based on society for what they want to do, whether take the matter to trust the media or take the perceptions of what’s the truth.

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