The Room Was A Nice, Cozy Area

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The room was a nice, cozy area. A large desk was place in the middle, back of the room with stacks of papers and folders covering the wooden desk. A simple laptop took ownership of the middle of the desk including pens and a stapler. A chair was placed behind the desk looking like a king’s throne were to be there. Off to the side was a tall book case, towering over the desk; filled with thick books. The books looked like they were not read nor touched in years, as a thin layer of dust was starting to build up on the books’ coverings. Along the walls were picture frames as well as items that were autographed from Tech players on display. The room was plain other than the few decorations. Of course not much was expected to be in the room since it was being occupied by a male. Sitting in the chair, Andrew Castillo looked relaxed, leaned back on his chair. His legs were crossed, and his eyes welcomed his company. He gave a warming smile as if he was seeing an old friend from high school. His clothes were casual, some nice, denim jeans, a dressed shirt with a few wrinkles along the sides, and to finish his outfit were black, shiny, dress shoes. Nothing really fancy. His face was cleanly shaved and small bags under his eyes; probably from the lack of sleep he was getting. He looked like a man full of knowledge and wisdom, and around the age of his middle thirties. It seems understanding why he would be so at ease as if he were at home since he has been working in this field for ten years now. He knows what is to be expected, and what needs to be done to be successful. However, it took time before he could get where he is now. It took many years of schooling to become an accountant. It took six full years of schooling that included b... ... middle of paper ... ...ore clients means the more money he gets. Therefore he tries to get as many clients as he can, and to treat them well. Since a client can always leave or tell their friends about how they are treated. Meaning the better he treats his clients the better advertising he gets out for himself. Andrew has also built a relationship with his clients including sending birthday cards, or even checking up on them. “I have made relationships beyond my work.” (Castillo) Mr. Castillo’s field has taught him many thing such as learning more efficient, quicker ways to manage his time in work. He explained that he has learn many things especially on the things he has to write about that have interested him. Most of all, is that he has built friendships through writing, and he works with others to accomplish one main goal. “You learn the way you write is the way you speak.”(Castillo)

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