The Romantic Era

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A new approach to literature and art that rose in late eighteenth century was the beginning of the Romantic Movement. This was the first time poets and authors were able to strive for originality. The Romantic era was more open to mythic, mystic and spirituality than the enlightenment era had ever been. William Blake was a romantic poet. Romanticism was a movement, which was marked primarily by its rejection of the enlightenment ideologies and scientific methods, as well as its emphasis on the natural world, emotions, artistry and the personal expression. Growing up Blake`s childhood was dominated by spiritual visions which influenced his works and personal life. As a little boy he said he had seen a tree filled with angels. He was a strong supporter in liberty and freedom of all, including women, he sparked controversy with his nonconventional views on the church and state. Blake`s personal ideas of theological issues and spiritual filter into his own works. Blake trusted in the correspondence between the physical world and spiritual world, be was able to do that by using poetic metaphors and express his beliefs. Blake was able to integrate the bible and other Christian traditions into his mythology.
Romanticism “is a phenomenon characterized by reliance on the imagination and subjectivity of approach, freedom of thought and expression, an idealization of nature”. It has been said that Romantics wrote with several of the following characteristics a return to nature, idealization of women and children, an interest in the past, championing personal freedom, melancholy, the supernatural, imagination and emotion. Wars between England and France as well as the French Revolution were a huge influence to many of the writers during...

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...ophies. This was something that many writers didn’t do during his day. Blake questions God and his reasoning to why he created someone so fierce and scary as a tiger. Blake was trying to show is the fact that evil, violence and terror that exist is the world. The lamb is used to show the innocence, purity and peace found in the world. These two poems are able to show individualism and experience as part of the time period. The lamb is used to be a symbol `of as an innocent child. He uses the lamb to show innocence like Jesus Christ did in the bible. Blake`s poem illustrates the basic values and morals of Christianity, that are found in the bible.
The romantic period was extremely vibrant and rich in literary criticism and nonfictional prose. Blake moves back and forth between innocence and experience through his poetry in Song of Innocence and Song of Experience.
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