The Romans and Greeks: The Olympics

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The Olympics Everyone knows what the Olympics is. It’s probably the one of the most anticipated events on television ever. People gather around their TV, with snacks and drinks. And enjoy the winnings of their country. No one really thinks about where this all started when watching the games. Or how it came to be. People often think the Romans came up with the Olympics. The Romans and Greeks did have similar styles, but the Greeks started it first. They Olympics has come a long way. Dated back to 776 B.C. People have trained and work hard to honor the gods. But in our time, our country. The Olympics has been a great achievement. Things progressed and changed. The Olympics is a great achievement. What is the Olympics anyway? Well in modern times, the Olympics is the event where countries come together, do a bunch of sport events every four years. And every four years, it’s in a new locations. In ancient Greek, the Olympics took place at Olympia. Greek city states participated in the games. Olympia was a place for worship, and political practices. At Olympia the...
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