The Roman Senate In The Roman Republic

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When one thinks of the Roman Republic one cannot help but think of the Roman Senate. The Senate was supposedly created by Romulus who was the mythical first king of Rome who may or may not have existed. (notes) At this point the Senate had very little power and was simply an advisory body of 300 senators. (notes) The senators were referred to as patres (fathers) and made up the patrician class. (notes) In 509 bc the last king of Rome was overthrown by the Senate. The Senate then took responsibility for defending Rome. Created the consuls to replace the kings. (notes) Saw themselves as the true representatives of the Roman people. (notes) Was seen as the representatives of the Roman people until the breakdown of the census. (notes) In 121 the Senate passed the senatus consultum ultitum. which means…show more content…
(notes) The tribes were "the Ramnes, Tities, and Lucres. In addition the three tribes were further divided into ten units each which were called curiae. It possessed a number of responsibilities. It had the power to approve or disapprove legislation from the king. (notes) However, it couldn 't create new legislation. (notes) The Curiate also had religious functions. Before a new king was crowned the Curiate would check the auspices by examining the entrails of an animal. (notes) If the entrails were good the new king would be crowned that day, but if the entrails were bad then the coronation would be delayed until a day when they had good entrails. (notes) The Curiate also performed animal sacrifices but the rituals changed over time and became simpler. (notes) It was also involved with private law. (notes) "[It] witnessed wills and adoptions." When the Curiate voted they did so by curiae. "Each Curiae [had] one vote, determined by the majority vote of its members." The Curiate couldn 't represent the Roman people and eventually faded in importance. (notes) Was largely replaced by the Centuriate

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