The Roman Empire Collapsed

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Surrounded and faced threats of the barbarian tribes, the Roman Empire could no longer hold firm and just collapsed. The western part became the new Germanic world, where the growth of Latin Christendom, a distinctively Western institution founded. The eastern part was the worlds of Byzantine and the Islamic world. This is clear that this is the Middle Ages as there were absences of central government, ongoing invasions, constant threats of famine and diseases. “The term Middle Age refers to the period between the ancient and the modern civilizations.” (Levack et al, The West, 233) The Middle Ages were the period of a new philosophy of civilization after the “fall” of the Roman Empire. With the invasions of the Germanic and non-Germanic tribes, mostly from the north into the western portion of the former Roman Empire, there was already dissolutions of the political, military, social, and economic structures. They did have a high regard for the Roman culture and had no intentions to destroy it. The Greco-Roman culture combined with Germanic culture and Christianity had...
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