The Roman Empire

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Rome became the most powerful empire of the Mediterranean for numerous reasons. The most significant advantage was the location where Rome resides. The location allowed them to become involved in the trade around the sea and build a stable economy, as well as succeed at agriculture and farming. Another reason for their success was the government system which started out as a democracy. Unfortunately, democracy didn’t last and therefore this same factor was the major contribute to the failure of the great empire. Constant warfare and victory expanded the territory and established the power of Romans. The Roman Empire gained control over the centuries using all of its advantages, however was brought down by the misuse of its government system.

The biggest advantage of Romans success was the location of their establishment. Italy is divided into eastern and western sides by Apennines mountains, which to the advantage are less rocky than the ones in Greece and therefore didn’t divide people into isolated communities, instead brought them together. The land in Italy was ideal for farming and for that reason it could support larger number of people based on the agriculture. Latium, on which Rome was located had access to the Sea and yet it was far enough bringing safety from pirates and invasions. Also, Rome was easily defended due to the locations of the seven hills. The neighbors of Italy were a large contribution to its development. Etruria, was one of the closest neighbors was populated with Greeks who arrived during the colonization in 750-550 B.C.E.. They refined olives and grapes, provided their alphabet and brought their culture and religion during the invasion of Romans. Etruscans were not the only ones conquered by Romans. There were other Greek colonies in the southern and northern part of Italy who were made as allies. Romans acted in a diplomatic way with the neighbors they defeated, establishing colonies and building roads to connect the settlements.

Romans started out their government as a democracy, in fear of having a dictator, or a monogamous ruler. Annually they chose two consuls who administered the government and led army into war. As the territory expanded they had to add on a government official to their Senate which originally consisted of three hundred elder patricians. One of the major internal conflicts Romans struggle...

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...e rich got a hold of all of the products leaving very little for the poor or trade. The Empire wasn’t expanding any longer, it was slowly falling apart.

The Roman Empire was the greatest and most powerful in the Mediterranean during its time. Romans had great advantages of the location of their residence, diplomatic attitudes and the right strategies in warfare. However they had struggles with the government establishment. They discriminated against plebians which at first helped in gaining land in return to promises of granting more rights to the plebians. Finally when democracy was established, the rich Aristocrats took over the land of Rome and used it only to their advantage. Thereafter, Caesars came along, and put an end to a democratic initiation. Monogamous power lead to the fall of Roman Empire. I think that Caesars were not the only option for Romans. It could have still had the power if a democracy existed. Not the kind of democracy they had, where the rich had all or the power, but the kind of democracy that exists in the United States. If they had divided the power between the rich and the poor, their Empire would have lasted for centuries to come.
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