The Roman Army And The Development Of The Great Roman Empire

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The Romans built a great and powerful empire. The Romans were able to build the empire through vast conquest and annexations from 3BC to 3 AD. Rome was maintained this huge empire with a disciplined army, tight administration and phenomenal communication with all conquered countries and cultures. These three things were made possible through technologically advances throughout the empire. These means helped build and maintain the great Roman Empire.
One of the prominent reasons for this great empire was the army. The Roman army was overly effective, organized, respected and professional. The army knew how to conquer and evolve as they grew. The major pillar to the development of the Roman Empire was its military might. The Roman military is thought to be the most successful and powerful military in human history. Fiero (2013) stated, “Rome’s highly disciplined army was the backbone of the Empire”. The Roman army was extremely organized and knew how to adapt. The army had endurance to defend against invasions from their enemies and to expand the empire throughout the Western world. The army was disciplined and originally all citizens, who served terms of two years. As the scope of Roman expansion shifted and the need for a larger force increased, most devoted twenty five years or more to the army. Military service was also a tool used to incorporate conquered societies into Roman life and culture.
Unlike most conquerors, Romans accepted the people that they conquered for allegiance. This was impart due to the government. The Romans established a strong central governments and one currency. Roman Law also had a great impact in maintaining the empire as it helped the government. Romans established their first civil code and the ...

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... and culture in the form of the arts and humanities. They also helped to improve their lives by giving them government assistance in the way of welfare; providing them with food, education and other necessities that could improve the quality of their lives.
This empire was very intriguing, as it expanded and lasted for years, which is amazing. It also was the driving force for the tradition of the western culture. “ While Rome’s original contributions to language, law, and architecture remain imprinted on the humanistic tradition of the west” (Fiero, 65). The military was the biggest force for this expansion and long lasting empire, but the Government was very efficient as well. They were efficient with their government making it easier to keep all of these places under control. Having strong military, government and technology established Rome and maintained it.
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