The Roles of Zeus, Poseidon, and Circe in The Odyssey by Homer

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Zeus, Poseidon, and Circe

The odyssey, the oldest written story in the world passed on through oral tradition by a blind man named Homer. It is a long tale a about a man name Odysseus trying to get back home from Troy. He encounters many obstacles, most of them being gods. He met many gods on his journey but the ones that had some of the biggest impacts were Zeus king of the gods, Poseidon king of the sea, and Calpso a goddess of the sea.

Zeus, is the king of all gods and the most powerful of them all. He is the son of Cronus and Rhea, two great titans. When he was a baby he was saved by his mother from being swallowed by his father, Cronus. His father swallowed his siblings Hera, Hades, Demeter, Hestia, and Poseidon. When Zeus was older he returned to his father and was able to get him to regurgitate his siblings. With the help of his siblings he revolted against the titans and banished them. Then he cut his father Cronus into a billion pieces and through him into Tartarus. Zeus is the god of lightening, thunder, and rain. In other cultures that worship these gods like the Greeks, he was looked at as a thunder god but those are his main attributes. As the king of the gods, Zeus gives orders to all the gods which will come to be a good and a bad thing for Odysseus. Odysseus encounters Zeus in many ways but never in person. Most of them were either messages sent from him delivered by Hermes or weather related things sent down as punishments to him and his men. The first time Odysseus encountered Zeus's works was when he was stuck on calypsos island and was put under a spell to want to stay there. Athena herd of this and pleaded to Zeus that this was unfair to Odysseus. Zeus listened to Athena and sent Hermes, the messenger o...

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...and given the best of everything. To their surprise when they got there instead of being greeted with gifts some of Odysseus’s men were eaten by the Cyclops and in order to save themselves Odysseus gave brandy to Polyphemous and got him drunk. That bought them some time to be able to poke out the Cyclops eye with a large stick. After they blinded him they escaped the cave with some clever planning by Odysseus. They eventually get to the ship and are on their way to escaping but the mistake Odysseus made that changed his life was bragging to Polyphemus about who he was and telling him who he is and where he was from. After this polyphemous prays to his dad to basically make his trip longer than it has to be and kills all of his men in the long term.

Calpso, a sea nymph that is known to trap castaway men on her island. Calypso is the daughter of the titan Atlas