The Roles of Mother and Father within Society

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Essay Question 1: Western researchers and academics like to believe that there is a mostly consistent definition of the roles of mother and father within societies. This gives an easy set of touchstones for them to draw comparisons when they are studying different cultures’ ways of parenting, or when they are studying different social and cultural effects that they believe can be tied to alternative parenting roles. While it may be an accurate assumption that cultures have a mostly-consistent set of roles for mother and father, the degree of consistency of that role among individual parents has weakened over the past few decades. In some cases, different cultures have entirely different concepts of these roles and they exist within a cultural framework of the family that is unique to that culture. What are some of those different mother/father roles that exist in western cultures and non-western cultures, and what are the reasons for these alternate definitions of these roles? Without going to extreme examples of remote tribal villages where some demand for boys over girls is so great that there a few motherly influences or some Amazonian-like culture that is largely an aberration, this essay will try to examine real alternate roles within larger functioning societies. In “Beyond Gender Roles?” by MW Warner, RM Al-Hassan and JG Kydd, the authors identify parental status as a legitimate social and cultural distinction worthy of elevated status. This is because the society values the role of parents in a functional way, not merely as gender-driven. Parental status is like age and seniority – there is an inherent value in people with those roles for the stabilization and productiveness of a culture’s own health and well-being ... ... middle of paper ... ... you’re neglecting your family. There are many families where both parents work or one parent works but the parents pay more attention to the children than some families where neither parent works. However, it is up to everyone’s personal decision as to how they want to live their life and raise their children and if they believe that they can be both a successful working person and a great parent and spouse then it is their prerogative to do it. Bibliography Hinako. (2013, April 18). What Children Think About Working Parents. Retrieved from She Knows Parenting: How Do Kids Fare When Both Parents Work. (2013, November 1). Retrieved from

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