The Roles and Impacts of Computers and Communications Technology

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The Roles and Impacts of Computers and Communications Technology I am specifically going to speak about foreign workers handling UK consumer calls and IT jobs in general, better known as offshoring or out-sourcing. Below I have tried to out-line some of the good and bad points about the subject Benefits The advocates of offshoring describe it as having high potential; moving jobs to a low cost labour market will save money and provide a good source of employment for the local people. Also as developing countries become richer, they will also buy more from us and invest more in our economy. UK exports of goods and services to India alone are already worth around £2.5billion a year, securing thousands of UK jobs. The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) believe that the UK also stands to gain from growing world prosperity and a bigger global market for British goods and services. Offshoring will allow Britain to remain competitive, ensuring that the UK economy continues to generate new and sustainable jobs and new business opportunities. There is also the opportunity to gain from global partnerships. Problems Offshoring can have a negative effect on the morale of remaining onshore staff; furthermore, the low wages offshore could put downward pressure on remaining workers’ wages. The company risks trade union and public criticism, which could affect customer loyalty and satisfaction. Overseas workers at call centres may be unable to help beyond their training script, so there could be a reduction in quality. There are a number of challenges the offshore workforce will face: cultural differences may create diffi... ... middle of paper ... ...lation and slow population growth. If the problem isn't addressed it reckons that economic growth in the UK could slow, leading to a loss of £113 billion. Outsourcing would not only bridge that gap, it would also help generate extra income. For the report claims that for every £100 of work outsourced offshore, up to £141 is re-invested directly back into the UK economy. This upbeat assessment of the benefits of exporting jobs comes even though the report acknowledges that more than 250,000 UK jobs would be lost as a result of offshoring. But it argues that while the impact of offshoring on the UK workforce is "real" and "will lead to the displacement of workers", it insists that the UK labour market is flexible enough to deal with the problem.
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