The Roles and Effects of Migration in Africa

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To accurately analyze various impacts of migration, one must first understand clearly the meaning of migration. Migration is the process or means by which people move from one geographical location to another geographical location (Castle and Miller, 2009). However, migration plays a key role in the development of both developed and developing countries. According to (Castle and Miller, 2009), “we are well into a post industrial, post-cold war world and about to embark on a brand new century within which immigration will play a central role”. Migration of people is not a new phenomenon, as people have always migrated from one country to another for various reasons. However, these movements may have certain enormous effect on the African continent, and it might also as well have a negative impact on the current development process that the region is undergoing (ILO, 2009). Apart from economic and war driven migrants (refugees); there is also another group of migrants (students) which are from different parts of Africa in search for better education abroad. The migration of Africans into Europe and America can be traced back to the 1960s, when large number of Africans migrated, engaging in an unprecedented expansion of access to education across Europe and America (Adepoju, 2004). The increasing movement of people from Africa to other parts of the world has been credited to the advent of globalization by many researchers. Africa in general has experienced mass migration of people into other parts of the world due to various reasons. A number of these African migrants include students that are in search of education outside their country of origin; and my research intends to focus on this group of people. Students lea... ... middle of paper ... ...omenon in Africa. Research Questions: • What are the main factors that make people to migration and subsequently brain drain? • What are the specific reasons why majority of the students who study abroad choose to remain in their destination countries after their studies, instead of going back to their home countries to help in the development process there? • Are there any potential factors that might attract more African students to return back to their home countries after completing their education abroad? Methodology: In this section of my paper, I will discuss which methods I am going to use in carrying out my research based on my research questions. Based on my research topic which is on migration and brain drain; with a case study focusing on African students in Sweden, I am going to use qualitative method to approach this topic to enable get my data.
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