The Role of Requirement Engineering in Software Development

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Title : The Role of Requirement Engineering in Software Development Life Cycle Author : A. Chakraborty, 2M. Kanti Baowaly, 3 A. Arefin, 4 A. N. Bahar Article summary There is a great importance given to the requirement engineering stage in the SDLC(Software Requirement Life Cycle). It is the backbone which governs all the subsequent processes. Further post requirement defects would largely contribute to the failure of projects, exponentially increased cost etc. In this phase the mission needs and user requirements are received from the client and they would be converted to operational requirements and subsequently to System requirements. Based on system requirements the system would be designed and at the end the system will be developed and tested. Each system requirement should have the traceability with operational requirements and user requirements/ mission needs received from the client. Further if the requirements are not elicitated correctly it would impact the increased client dissatisfaction and would result in losing business in the future.. Therefore it is vital systematic requirement engineering process is followed. It is equally important that during Requirement process a very high attention is given to the validation process. The validation of the requirement must be carried out with different stake holders . There could be different stake holders who have different interests in the project. During the validation process of the requirements if all hidden , missing requirements or any gaps were not identified, later in the project it will contribute to scope creep. Therefore at the project inspection all the stake holders need to be identified and grouped at upfront. If not there could be a... ... middle of paper ... ...g systems), 2nd ed.: Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ 2003 Elli Georgiadou, "Software process and product improvement: a historical perspective," Cybernetics and systems analysis, vol.39 (1), pp. 125- 142,2003 Court I., Ross M. and Staples G. Wang Y., "Towards a Software Process Reference Model (SPRM)," in Proceedings of International Conference on Software Process Improvement (SPI’96), Brighton, UK, November, 1996, pp. 145-166 Court I., Ross M. Staples G. King G. and Dorling A. Wang Y., "Quantitative Analysis of Compatibility and Correlation of the Current SPA Models," in Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Software Engineering Standards (IEEE ISESS’97), 1997 ISO: 9001, Quality Systems - Model for Quality Assurance in Design, Development, Production, Installation, and Servicing. Geneva: International Organization for Standardization, 1989
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