The Role of Religion in the Development of America

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Religion has and will probably always be one of the most controversial topics of our world. There have been so many historical events, debates, riots, movements, and roles that have been contributed because of religion. Some people say that without religion, people wouldn’t have anything to believe in. Others say that if there wasn’t religion, most of our problems that occurred and are occurring wouldn’t even be happening. To me, I think religion is what countries live on. Even though we don’t necessarily have “religion” in our government, we have the freedom of practice in religion and have the right to talk about it. Honestly, I feel like religion played a huge positive role in the development of America, even if there were some minor obstacles that we had to go through.
For starters, Religion’s role in the settlement of our new world was huge. It was the main reason most people even ventured out to this part of the world in the first place. Many people had religion intolerance over in England and didn’t like it. With all of the disease and famine going on, they believed God wanted them to venture out to this new land to be safe and secure in their lives. Others just wanted to bring their knowledge of their God to the Native’s, to spread their religion as far as it could go. Once people arrived at the New World, things were more tolerable than England. At first many of the religious groups would veer away from each other naturally, but after a while there were so many communities with all different types of religion, and I think that’s where it was a positive outcome for this New World. I think without the religious tolerance that each group gave each other our world wouldn’t even have gotten to the point where it was 100 years...

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...on mixed with the war.
All in all, religion has played a vital role in our American history. Religion was the main reason the English settlers came to the new world. From it helping move Americans towards the Revolution against Great Britain to being used in the everyday Americans during the Civil War, religion will always be an important part in every issue going on the world. I think what we can learn from all of this information is that religion will never be left out of any issue not matter how hard we wish we could. It’s taught that we can’t always listen to what other people tell us about religion but we have to learn, read, and write about it ourselves to get a full understanding. Religion will never be left out of political or economical issues and it will always be the backbone of this nation. Without religion, we wouldn’t have the nation we have today.
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