The Role of Registered Nurses

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Registered Nurses are individuals who dedicate their lives to not only make a change in the world but in people’s lives as well. They live their life day by day to cure health issues that their patients may by dealing with or in the process of trying to overcome. Nurses assess and treat patients, carry out procedures under the instruction of doctors and collaborate with varies health professionals. They also coordinate the work of others who’s involved with the patient to keep them updated. Being a registered nurse is a serious profession which requires patience and dedication. Registered nurses have several of roles they have to take part in on a daily basis. They are responsible for the treatment and recovery of sick and injured patients as well as helping the patient maintain proper health and treating people in life threating situations. When someone is in critical conditions they have to be ready to give them the entire assistant they need. They do not have time to ask themselves “what to do” or “how to handle the situation”, they have to already know and be prepared to give the patient the assistance that they need. Dealing with these types of things you have to be calm, stay alert and always take precautions. Another important responsibility is to protect the patient at all times. It is always good to let them know that they are in a safe and healthy environment. Educating the patient on different types of health issues as well as cures is always good. When you update patients on information concerning their health it gives them a chance of recovering and having great health. There are individuals who are not aware of important health issues so providing informative information is always a good thing. Some nurses also counsel their patients to help them get through any hardship in their life such as grief, illness, etc. Patients are the main responsibility of nurses. This is a 24 hour a day job and include making sure they can breathe properly, are hydrated, and always having the proper amount of meals per day. Their comfort is also very important. If a patient is unable to go back and forth to the restroom then it is up to the nurse to make sure their waste is eliminated from their body. However, it is also important that their patients are clean as well. If nurses does not make sure the patients are kept clean then that can result in sores and maybe infections.
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