The Role of Power in The Fall

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In the philosophical novel The Fall by Albert Camus power is a major theme that comprises the novel and guides the life of the main character, Jean-Baptiste Clamence. To Jean-Baptiste having power over others is a necessity and key component to how he leads his life. The main way that Jean-Baptiste feels that power over others is when he is judging them. He also ties power to physically being above someone, such as on top of a mountain, and by taking a God-like position of authority over others. The main way that Jean-Baptiste exerts his need for power over others is by judging them. He does this in a variety of ways but the motivation behind it is that he in turn does not want to be judged himself. However, he believes that if he is judging himself first than that gives him the right to do the same to others without it being wrong. He also seems to believe that others will not be able to judge him if he judges himself before they can. This reasoning goes on to explains why he calls himself a judge-penitent. He labels himself this so he can tell about his own sins and wrongdoings th...
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