The Role of Genetics on Development

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Human beings are born, formed and changed from one generation to the other through genetics. When a child enters the world, there is always a lot of excitement and uncertainty as which parent will the baby look like? Genes of the both parents determines the physical makeup of a child and therefore, genetics plays a very big role in human development. Genetics chromosomes are distributed equally by the parents to the child and they play a big role in the development of the child. Genes determines the development of a fetus inside its mother’s womb and outside of the mother’s womb.
Genes from parents are passed down to their children and this sets up their lifelong development. When a male cell meets with female reproductive cell, they start a process for a new life in a woman’s womb. The sperm has a different copy of the gene and an egg the same and so when they meet, two copies of genes are present and through them a new life begins and it will comprise both genes. From the eyes to the color of the hair, genetics plays a role in a person’s biological make up and development. Genes can predetermine many different characteristics in human development.
Genetics determines simple things as the ultimate height of a person. “The entire genetic code of a human is determined by the unique combination of a mother’s single ovum (egg) and a father’s single sperm” (Mossler, 2011). Therefore every person on the earth is a combination of their biological parents who in turn are a combination of their biological parents and the chain goes on and on. Genes are an important foundation of how one becomes and how they will develop from childhood to adulthood.
Studies have also shown that genetics also plays a part in illnesses and diseases that c...

... middle of paper ... genetic material are passed on as DNA which is the map of the new unique human being formed after conception. The genetic material determines specific traits in the newly created life both physically, mentally and emotionally as the individual has to take after the mother and father. It can also determine if a genetic disease is to be in the future for this life. In essence, the role that genetics play in human development is the instructions under which we are all assembled.

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