The Role of Design Leadership in Achieving a Company's Strategic Goals

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The Role of Design Leadership in Achieving a Company’s Strategic Goals


Design leadership contributes important pathways in the achievement of the overall organizational goals and vision. In the past two decades or so, the distinction between leadership and design has gained worldwide attention. Turner (2013) observes that management is more rigid; it is based on delivery of outputs. On the other hand, leadership focuses on relationships; it motivates employees. From this distinction, it is clear that while leadership is more transformational, management is more transactional. This thinking has been transplanted in such a way that former design managers focus on enhancing the relationships with the people under them, hence becoming design leaders. Above all, the modern concept of strategic management has engulfed all aspects of business. It requires that all activities and plans that officers in a company do must be aligned with the strategic direction of the company. In other words, strategic thinking has occupied a greater part of the design leadership process. This project focuses on design leadership on the line of branding. The next sections explain why the area of study is relevant in the modern business and academic world. It will focus on companies in the UK.

Subject Area

The area of study, as earlier hinted, is the role of design leadership in the attainment of the organization’s strategic goals. The concept of strategic thinking has revolutionized the way management is done. In the wake of increased competition and more difficult economic times, companies make calculated moves in all their plans. The UK has had some of the most successful companies; some of which operate in many countries of the world....

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... with the strategic goals of the company.


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