The Role and Inter-relationship of the Medical and Health Professions

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Medical and health professionals have a major impact in society, on a professional and power / status level. This essay will outline a major development in healthcare then analyse the inter-relationship of doctors in today’s society in terms of power and status, linking that with the major development in healthcare. It will then proceed to sum these points up using Marxist, feminist and functionalist views. The latter part of the essay will outline an understanding of the history of the NHS and what developments have happened to shape our society today. A major development, if not the biggest development of healthcare is the creation of the NHS itself, although this essay will be focusing on a development within the NHS. There have been many major developments in the healthcare industry over the years, one of those developments being the robotic arm used for heart surgery. In 2010 there was an article reviewing how a pensioner became the first patient to have surgery on his heart using a robotic Arm. Usually the surgery is done by hand, giving surgeons and their assistant’s dangerous exposure to levels of radiation for hours. However with this new machinery the operation was completed in just one hour. It was completed safely behind a screen in a non-radioactive room and was hailed an 'enormous success' by British doctors. Surgeons are often looked upon as one of the elite members of the healthcare profession, in turn giving themselves a high status in society. While it is true that being a surgeon is no easy task, ‘Salary For consultants on the new contract (covering 96% of surgeons), basic pay is £90,200 and average total earnings are £119,800’ (Dr Martin Elliott) with regards to their work you could argue this is a fitting s... ... middle of paper ... operation using remote control-operated robotic arm | Mail Online [WWW Document], n.d. URL (accessed 11.15.13). Health Promotion Service [WWW Document], n.d. URL (accessed 11.19.13). Medical Rape and the Medicalization of Childbirth [WWW Document], n.d. URL (accessed 11.15.13). NHS Choices - History of NHS [WWW Document], n.d. URL (accessed 11.19.13). NHS Trust Development Authority | NHS Trust Development Authority [WWW Document], n.d. URL (accessed 11.15.13).
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