The Role Played By A Research Question

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Introduction: This paper seeks to discuss the role played by a research question in a social research. The discussion unpacks a journal article by Alan Bryman published in 2007. The world over, formal and informal questions are asked from across fields of study that includes; politics, public policy, public budgeting, human resource management and administration. The ever raised research questions are motivated by some experiences, problems surrounding humanity and the environment (Wilson and Maclean, p 572). One-way or another, these questions lead to some solutions and some never get the solutions due to the route taken to resolve the question or problem. Some are answered because a systematic route has been followed by trained researchers who apply methods of research from either the social or the scientific methods of research. The social scientists are inclined to the qualitative methodology and on the other hand the natural scientists are skewed to the systematic approach. The paper is structured as follows: the first section covers the conceptual issues; section 2 looks into the types of research questions and the qualities; section 3 underpins the importance/role of the research question. Lastly, a conclusion will be provided which summarizes the main points of the paper. Section 1: Conceptual Issues: It is of paramount importance to define key terms which are; research question, social research, particularistic and universalistic discourses. All these terms were derived from the article by Bryman. The Research Question: As mentioned earlier, humanity is surrounded by questions that need solutions day in day out. Bryman (2016:7) defined a research question as a question that provides an explicit of what the rese... ... middle of paper ... ...kely to have medical and social adjustment difficulties than non-poverty children? (Neuman L. W., 2003:163) Explanatory: This question answers the why questions. Initially, a phenomenon would have based itself on the questions of ‘how’ and ‘what’ was dealt with through the descriptive line. It follows that the next level is the why questions dealt by the explanatory questioning. In support of this argument, Maree (2003:10) maintains that the explanatory question goes beyond the descriptive line of questioning. In essence, the explanatory question tries to look for causes and reasons. Exploratory: The third line of questioning is the exploratory used under specific conditions (Maree 2016:11) The same sentiment was shared by Krysk and Finn (2013:64) to gain an initial understanding of the problem. For example how marriage has affected same sex marriage couples?

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