The Role Of Women In WWII?

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A continuous line from the Great Depression to WWII presented women as people who could not take care of themselves and who needed a man to protect them. During the Great Depression, many men lost their jobs, and were not helped by the government even though they worked so hard that “sweat fell from [their] brows.” If the government forgot about men, then that means that women were forgotten as well because women depended on men and could not make it without them. Similarly, during the WWII, a strong woman was a negative thing and women could not be safe without a man to protect them; women would “be much safer if Superman was [with them].” Overall, during times of desperation, such as the Great Depression and WWII, people needed to have faith on the government and rely on it. Hope is what will maintain people together during horrible times and hope was what the government gave people. The transition between the Cold War and the 1960s Protests made it clear that minorities became a major focus for the government after minorities presented their cases in terms of protests in the 1960s, as opposed on…show more content…
During the war on poverty minimum wage was raised “from $1.25 to $1.60,” which was the “highest minimum wage in relationship to cost of living.” This improvement gave people a better chance to win the fight against poverty. During the Conservatism period, on the other hand, people could not survive with the wages they earned, so they had to “add a weekend job.” Their salary made them look for an “apartment or affordable motel,” but they could not find any, so they had to go to a “shelter so [they] can save up enough money for first months’ rent and deposit.” They needed to get 2 jobs to merely move forward and dream that tomorrow would be better; however, that dream was just a dream, and the nightmare, which was their life, was the only thing ahead of

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