The Role Of Women In The Republic Of Gilead's Handmaid

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In many places there 's always a Government established. Most of the time in some places women are treated unequally because of their sex. Although the Government is there to take control it ends up being destroyed people taking over and making their owns rules. People go around the Government 's system without them even knowing. In the novel Handmaid 's the Government was killed after The Republic Of Gilead assassinated the president and the congress and took over, made all women into breeding animals. The women being weak and powerless can 't do anything about the new system they have to obey the new rules and are forced to do things they don 't want to. It 's all signs of power of how men can do what they want. In this novel men are shown…show more content…
Women are forced to wear a uniform to know who is what basically the difference in between them. Each color represents something like Blue stands for stability as for the wife 's they have been married into royalty, Green stands for freshness as for the Martha 's they clean and keep everything fresh, blue and green combine as for loyalty and cleanness as for the Econowives they clean and or wife’s, brown for the Aunts because they are genuinely teaching Handmaid 's how to be, and Red for sin or danger as for the Handmaid 's they are not viold as married and are just been used. “The handmaid’s tale” is, a novel who got women who are unmarried or their marriage was considered void so therefore there assigned to have babies for married couples whose wives can 't have babies, and if the women succeed in have healthy babies within three assignments there safe and if not they’re sent to the colonies to die handling toxic wastes (Banerjee). Because of the countless of humans left to survive The Republic of Gilead has earned the right to require all fertile females to be part of the Handmaid 's so that in the future the human race is still around
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