The Role Of Women In India

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In 2013 the New York Times published an article on the women in India. In detail the article explains the role of the women in the Indian society throughout time. The growth of women in the Indian society has changed drastically, years before women were the ones who stayed at home and raised the children while men worked, now women are able to attend school, gain employment and even have roles in the government. The New York Times does not only explain the growth of women, but also brings out the real issue with the number of dowry deaths and violent deaths that women suffer due to their husbands that the Indian government rarely reports. The article continues to discuss the concerns many women in India have about the way they are treated in their own society, beginning with a story of a women who was raped and killed in New Delhi. The country of India has been working over time to give women more of a voice and to help prevent the major issues that have been occurring in their country (Harris, 2013).…show more content…
The Common Law system is a more ancient, more complex, and more difficult than the French or German civil codes (Albanese, Drammer, 2014). The common law system began with judges appointing people from different parts of the county to create laws that related to the norms followed by that part of the country. The country of India has several “norms” that most and almost all the people in the country follow. One of many is dowry payment, Dowry’s as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary are payments made to the man’s family on behalf of the women’s family. If the women’s family does not come up with the money the men usually burn the women. India’s legal system also relates to the common law system because they have a legal system followed by the norms of the
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