The Role Of The Vice President

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The Vice President is specified in Articles I and II and the 12th and 25th Amendments of the Constitution. In Article I, Section 3, Clause 4 of the Constitution it states that the Vice President is the President of the Senate and he or she has no vote in the case of a tie. Both Article II and the 25th amendment specify that should the Presidential seat become empty, the Vice President is the first in line for succession. The 12th amendment does not specify a role of the Vice President but it says that the Vice President must be elected with the President. In 1789, John Adams tried to enlarge the role of the Vice President by extending it beyond just what the Constitution said the duties of the VP were and making it a more intimate relationship…show more content…
He tried to become closer to President Washington in order to do these things. None of these really worked and the Vice Presidency continued to be as it was stated in the Constitution. If I were George Washington I probably would have done the same thing, if we have a brand new Constitution and I am already breaking and changing it, it would not have set a very good example for Presidents to come. Of our 44 presidents to date, 14 have also been Vice President; whether through election or succession, that means over 25% of our Presidents have also been both President and Vice President. John Adams was Vice President from 1789-1979 and went on to become president by election and served one term from 1797-1801. Thomas Jefferson was Vice President during John Adams term from 1797-1801 and became elected president for the next two terms from 1801-1809. Martin Van Buren was Vice President to Andrew Jackson from 1833-1837 and was elected President for one term from 1937-1841. John Tyler was Vice President to William Henry Harrison in 1841 and became president from…show more content…
The first President in to die in office was William Henry Harrison, he died after catching pneumonia. When he died John Tyler became President. The second President to die in office was Zachary Taylor who died from acute gastroenteritis. His successor was Millard Fillmore. President Warren G Harding also died in office from natural causes, he had a heart attack and Calvin Coolidge became President. The most recent President to die in office of natural causes was Franklin D Roosevelt, who died from a cerebral hemorrhage. Upon his death Harry Truman became

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